FYI periodically posts trauma related articles, resources and links that may be of interest to you. Please feel free to send me similar material that you have found interesting and helpful. Thank You Dr. 

Mindsets: If you are unaware of Dr. Dweck’s work on “Growth Mindsets” go to Her work demonstrates that learning outcomes improve, not by praising intelligence but by praising effort. Fascinating research of school wide improvement.

What has one school, known as “fight school” done to realize a 75% reduction of suspensions, a 90% increase in attendance and rising from the bottom of the academic level to the middle level of performance?

Four schools in the San Francisco School District experiencing high levels of violence, poor attendance and academic performance initiated two fifteen minute periods per day for students to be guided in mindful meditation. The results have been amazing. Meditation Curbs Violence at San Francisco Schools was the title of the NBC Nightly News segment (December 30, 2014) detailing the amazing results. Connect to this segment at 


I was honored to author a chapter on my evidence based sensory intervention process for the 2015 Guilford publication Play Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice. Edited by David A. Crenshaw and Anne L. Stewart Foreword by Stuart Brown This is an invaluable collection of practices from over 40 practitioners in the play therapy field. I highly recommend it to seasoned as well as newer practitioners working with children.


Add Bessel van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps Score (2014, Viking Press) and you will have the best practices within a trauma-informed framework.


Being attuned/co-regulation: One of my favorite and very dramatic video segments related to attunement/co-regulation is Still Faces. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Shame is very destructive part of the trauma experience. The article, Why distinguishing a moral injury from PTSD is important is an excellent example of healing by finding a way to externalize that shame into a concrete form that then becomes a tremendous resource of resilience. It definitely is recommended reading. It can found at:


Emotional Regulation and Academic Success is a brief Youtube presentation related to the many regulation practices taught in the TIPPS series of training especially in Trauma-Informed Classroom Practices. Once you visit the site, you will access to a number of video segments on regulation.