Dr. William Steele

William Steele, PsyD, LCSW, MA

School/Community Trauma Consultant and Trainer


Dr. Steele founded the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC) in 1990. As its Director for 23 years he created a legacy of trauma specific, evidence-based intervention programs and resources for schools and agencies now being used in 55 countries by many of the 6,000 professionals he trained. 



Passionate about bringing best practices and resources to communities and families in need 



Welcome to TIPPS

What Practitioners Say

I use the acronym TIPPS because, whether working in schools or agency settings, we all have had the experience of attending trainings leaving with lots of theory and research but very little in the way of practical strategies we can immediately use in our settings. We all do need a little bit of the “why” but a lot more of “how”. And so I have always worked hard to design trainings and presentations that allow participants to leave with timely, usable practices for their environment. TIPPS is the direct result of what so many survivors and responders say, “matters the most” in their efforts to recover and in their efforts to help. (See Training for descriptions and content.)

Following Katrina I met with a group of educators and clinicians looking for ways to help Katrina survivors. Weeks later I received the following note from Angela Tyrone, a social worker from Louisiana who wrote,  “This has been an outstanding workshop. The information is useful both personally and professionally. I came to this workshop as a professional, but was actually here for myself as a Katrina survivor. The simple exercise of dividing my life into eight sections, to show how this tragedy was only one part of my life, was so very helpful.”   Following a Trauma- informed Classroom Practices presentation, Amy Bridges from Battle Creek schools in Michigan wrote, After 21 years of being in the trenches, this training presents a mindset and practices that will empower all teachers and students.” This is our focus (See Endorsements).

Several of the Available Trainings


Optimizing Learning Outcomes: What Parents Need To Know and Can Do;Trauma in Schools and Communities: Recovery Lessons from Survivors and Responders; Trauma Response Teams in Schools: Protocols and Interventions; Classroom Practices in Trauma-informed Schools; Trauma: What Our Brain, Nervous System and Survivors Tell Us Matters Most (©2015); Trauma Regulated Reintegration and Resilience Practices (TRIP©2015); Stress Regulation Tools for Helpers: Minimizing Secondary Traumatic Stress/Monday-Friday Neuro-based Practices (©2015)

NEW: Reducing Compassion Fatigue…..Published October 16, 2019

Packed full of thoughtful, interactive, and practical advice, Dr. William Steele takes readers on a journey that promotes awareness, sensitivity and practical application of knowledge to combat secondary trauma, burnout and related conditions.  This workbook should be within arm’s reach on any trauma professional’s bookshelf. 

Dr. Ginny Sprang, Professor, University of Kentucky, College of Medicine & Psychiatry, Executive Director, UK Center on Trauma and Children and Co-Chair of The National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s (NCTSN) Secondary Traumatic Stress Committee